Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More Halloween Crafts...

This was found at allfreecrafts.com, and you can go there and find a bunch more!

Candy Corn Jar for Halloween

by Jane Lake

Decorate a small glass jar of candy corn for Halloween with little faces made from a few dots and lines of paint., a little raffia or ribbon, a recycled glass jar - and, of course, candy corn.

You will need:

candy corn

small glass jar

fine black Sharpie or fine permanent black marker

white paint, liquid paper or DeltaCeramDecor Perm Enamel Accent Liner

raffia or ribbon

Halloween gift wrap or paper napkins to decoupage the jar lid OR decorative fabric
Candy Corn Jar

Halloween Craft Project - Instructions:

1. Clean and dry the jar thoroughly.

2. Pack the jar right to the top with candy corn. You don't want the candy corn to move after you have painted on the faces, so pack it into the jar as tightly as you can without crushing the candy. Fasten on the lid.

3. Add little faces to whole pieces of candy corn that show through the glass. Some will be upside down, but that doesn't matter - just paint the face upside down on the glass as well.

A simple face is best. Begin with white dots for the eyes; we used Perm Enamel Accent Liner, but small dots of liquid paper or white craft paint will also work. The painting on this jar isn't intended as a permanent decoration. Let the whites of the eyes dry thoroughly,

4. Use the Sharpie to add black dots for the pupils of the eyes, then draw a small wiggly smile below the eyes. If the smile isn't dark enough, let it dry and go over the wiggly line again with the Sharpie.

5. If desired, decorate the jar lid. We decoupaged the lid with a cut-out from a paper napkin. You could also decorate it with Halloween stickers. Alternatively, cover the lid with a circle of orange felt or Halloween fabric and secure with an elastic band. Tie raffia or ribbon around the neck of the jar to finish.

Halloween Crafts for Toddlers!


What You Need
Large White Paper Plate
Orange Paint
Black Construction Paper

How To Make It
1. Paint the Paper Plate Orange and let dry.
2. Cut out a mouth, nose and eyes from Black Construction Paper.
3. Once Orange paint has dried, glue the mouth, nose and eyes on to pumpkin plate face
4. Fold one tab forward and one tab back and attach it to the bag.


What You Need
White Paper

How To Make It
1. Trace hands on white paper and cut out hands
2. Draw a face on the ghost. The wrist part will be the ghost's head!)
You can make a chain of Ghosts, Ghosts puppets on a popsicle stick or use the Ghosts to make a Halloween Scene


What You Need
Green Paper
Yellow Paper
Crayons or Markers

How To Make It
1. Trace hands on Green paper and cut out hands
2. Draw and cut out Finger nails on Yellow Paper
3. Draw warts, spots, or dots on the hand.
4. Decorate the Finger nails with glitter and glue to the hands
You can make a chain of Witch hands or make Monster hands using brown papers

HAND PRINT GHOSTS and WITCH HANDS may also be made into Spooky Wreathes!


What You Need
Black construction paper
White or silver crayon
Large pom-pom
2 self-adhesive googly eyes

How To Make It
1. Make a bat template by drawing a large bat on a single
sheet of paper
2. cut as many bats as you like out of black construction paper
3. Cut finger holes in the bat
4. Glue on a large pom-pom body just below the ears and above
the finger holes.
4. Glue on the googly eyes to the pom-pom body


What You Need
Empty egg carton
Black paint
Black pipe cleaners
Googly eyes
Push pin or paper clip

How To Make It
1. Cut the cups off an empty egg carton and place them on newspaper.
2. Paint the egg carton cups, inside and out, with a coat of black paint.
3. Use the end of a paper clip or a pushpin to poke four holes along the bottom edge on one side of the cup. Poke matching holes on the opposite side of the cup. (Adults please do this!)
4. Cut four black pipe cleaners into 7-inch lengths to make the fuzzy legs,
5. Thread a pipe cleaner through one of the holes, into the cup, and out the corresponding hole on the other side. Make sure the ends protrude an equal length from both sides of the cup and bend them upward at the base of the spider's body.
6. Bend or fold the pipe cleaner legs in the opposite direction midway down the legs to create knees and bend the tips to make feet.
7. Finally, glue on googly eyes.

DD2's Haunted House!

Here is the Haunted House I helped my 2 year old make. I put the icing on where she wanted, and she decorated! I think every year we are going to make it a tradition to make one!

Pumpkin Patch Fun!

Well here are some pictures when we went with my mom, and my best friend. We are going to carve and paint on Wednesday, I will update some pictures then!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Great Pumpkin Day Blog Ring...

I have added the blog ring to the side of my blog! Please enjoy it, and share the wealth with others! Check them out!

4 Days to Halloween!

Countdown to Halloween! 4 Days to go! This year DD2 is going to be Pebbles. I can't wait. I have found her costume at the Thrift Store. I have to finish sewing some of the tabs on. I also have to make her bone on her ponytail holder. I can't wait. Wednesday we are planning on carving pumpkins. I have not been able to yet, plus we have some hoodlums that might smash them! I can't wait. This year I am making Mommy Bags to hand out while we are trick or treating! I am a Romance Enhancement Specialist, and am going to hand cute goodie bags out, because Mommies deserve something too, well women do! I will post pictures as soon as I get them made. Hope everyone has a great week!